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Texas Pride Field Hockey, founded in 2013, is a year-round field hockey organization that trains and develops players with the potential and intention to play in college. The club fosters not only skill development from as young as 3 years old, but also teaches tactics and strategy to players until they enter college. The Texas Pride Field Hockey Club has grown throughout the years, now having over 700 unique players. In 2019, the club outgrew its previous accommodations and began construction of its own facility. 

The Texas Pride Indoor Facility was completed in December of 2019 and consists of two sports courts (120 x 60 feet) and a small turf space (25 X 30 feet). In addition to these practice areas, the building contains a merchandise room, an office, and a concession stand. The facility also has a parking lot that fits 40 cars. This multipurpose facility can host sporting events of all types, including, but not limited to, futsol, dodgeball, and youth basketball. In addition to games and practices, the facility can host birthday parties and celebratory events. 

The Texas Pride Indoor Facility has limitless potential. For futher inquiry please explore this website and contact for possible rentals. 

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